February 2012

Tim O’Brien officially called the meeting to order at 7:10 after a pleasant social hour and dinner. There were thirty members present, no guests nor a planned program this evening. There was a question of what V’Day and 2/14/12 had in common and that was that Dale Fleck celebrated his 94th birthday!

Tim thanked Bill Rorden for purchasing a wireless microphone for GEFA. Bill mentioned that this was badly needed with the acoustical problems and difficulty of hearing the speakers.

January Minutes (taken by Katie Guilliat in Chris Evans absence) was approved by Katie Guilliat and seconded by Dale Fleck.

Treasurer Report from Karen Smith:

GEFA account: $9690.60
AirFest account: $22.385.69

Carol Andrews gave a brief GEFA scholarship update: The program is out to eleven schools, public, charter, alternative, private and home schooled students. Maureen Young asked if Sierra College students were included in the scholarship program, but it was noted by Carol Andrews that the ‘Board’ did not approve of that at this time.

Old Business: Katie Guilliat mentioned that she will send out new roasters to those who want it.

Gary Guilliat shared his progress on his Monicoup project. He mentioned the numbers on his plane are N538W and he was born 12/5/38.

Keith Thomassen said we have lots of new members and he is in the process of getting GEFA badges made for them. The new member list consists of: Frank and Pam Jackson, Janet Walsh, Lee Brant, John & Lisa Pitchitino, Kelly and Lisa Loftus, and Ray and Althea Anderson.

Keith then went on to share his research of the ‘humorous history of the internet’, which was quite entertaining.

New Business: Allan Krosner mentioned that he and Mary ran into Wade Carmen (a former GEFA scholarship recipient) in Reno at a Gliding event and that he is working in Bend Oregon on a pressurized glider. Allan went on to mention Ashley Evans is working on wind tunnel testing for Boeing and that “GEFA is doing good out there”!

Tim O’Brien brought in a stack of special Union inserts from 7/9/1997 on the 20th Annual AirFest and noted that it includes airport history from 1933 to 1997.

Doug Young brought us up to date on Aria Davenport’s flying and school adventures; he’s moved on to an unmanned air vehicle.

EAA president Frank Jackson mentioned that EAA has their scholarship program for Osh Kosh out to students as well.

Tim O’Brien discussed the GEFA website progress and he’d like a file that anyone in the club can access for history and information.

Katie Guilliat motioned to adjourn at 7:45 P.M. and it was seconded by Dale Fleck.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Evans