December 2011

The brief holiday meeting was called to order by President Tim O’Brien at 7:30 p.m. at Seaman’s Lodge after a very nice Christmas Dinner and lots of fun banter

Tim O’Brien: “Very Merry Christmas Everybody!”

Tim O. thanked Doug and Maureen Young for once again decorating the hall for the Christmas Party, Katie Guilliat for preparing two hams, and Glen and Linda for preparing a big turkey

Tim O. said the ‘only business’ tonight is to share that Carol Andrews guests tonight are her flight instructor for her 150 Cessna, John and his wife Sylvia. The Cessna is the plane previously owned by Dale Fleck who we are honoring in 2012. John and Sylvia will be joining G.E.F.A. tonight

Other guests tonight were Miles and Bobsie’s friends Dean and Sharon Pitts and Stacey, a member of the 99’s, Frank Jackson, E.A.A. President, and Paul Bevelheimer, E.A.A. Secretary who also renewed his G.E.F.A. Membership tonight. Frank thanked G.E.F.A. for the Christmas Party invitation

Katie G. gave an update on Ray Anderson; he got his private pilot’s license recently!

Gary Guilliat thanked everyone for attending tonight and then there were a couple Christmas carols sang. Gary then went on to present Tim O’Brien with a plaque honoring him as G.E.F.A.’s biggest advocate. Applause and cheers followed! Tim was surprised and said it is a “beautiful honor”

In conclusion there was an auction. Karen Smith donated one of Bear Smith’s plane posters, Tim O. donated one of his railroad drawings, and there were several other generous donations from Karen Smith

The meeting ended at 8:15 with 63 to 65 people in attendance!

October Minutes: Were not discussed tonight.
Treasurer Report: Was not discussed tonight.
Old Business: Was not discussed tonight.
New Business: Was not discussed tonight.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Evans, Secretary