November 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Tim O’Brien at 7:10 p.m. at Seaman’s Lodge. “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone”

Tim O. thanked Tim Evans for helping set up table and chairs early and a special thank you to Doug and Maureen for preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately, they are both ill and Doug just made a quick appearance to drop off the bird. Tim O. said sending an email of thanks to them both would be very nice

Tim went on to introduce GEFA’s newest member Janet Walsh, a private pilot and a member of the Yuba County 99’s

October Minutes were approved by Ken Zuckerman and seconded by Keith Thomassen. Katie Guilliat went on to compliment Chris Evans for her very well done minutes this past year

Karen Smith gave the treasures report and noted that GEFA is going to open an $18,000 CD.

Treasurer Report:

GEFA account: $9,040.94
AirFest account: $22,385.6

Old Business: None at this time.

New Business:

Tim O. asked Carol Andrews to present the proposed 2012 GEFA Scholarship Program.

Carol A. proposed $3,000 for the purpose of flight training with the following requirements:

Carol also proposes to dedicate the 2012 GEFA scholarship ‘In the Honor of Dale Fleck’! There was a roar of cheers for this proposal! Shera Banbury motioned to approve this proposal and it was seconded by Ken Zuckerman. The scholarship committee is chaired by Carol Andrews, and committee members are Bruce McGrew, Tom Engleman, and Doug Young

Bobsie Bostic mentioned Ashley Evans’ email regarding Boeing projects and she said “she’s a great contributor to GEFA”. Carol A. went on to mention the accomplishments of scholarship recipients. She said they’ve used this information to get sponsorship funding for AirFest since 1988

Carol A.’s list of past recipients as back as she has information is:

In conclusion Carol A. says we’ve had more successes than failures! Tim O. said he’s proud of these recipients and Carol A.’s dedication to this program

Tim went on to thank 2011 GEFA officers: Gary Guilliat (Vice President), Karen Smith (Treasurer), Carol Andrews (Scholarship Chair), and Chris Evans (Secretary), and Katie Guilliat (Our Special Go To Board Member) who keeps up the GEFA roster and so much more, and Doug and Maureen Young for their dedication to GEFA, and Gerry Davenport for handling the website

Ken Zuckerman said “Thanks to the President, Tim O’Brien” who now has a National reputation. Tim O. said he has licensed the Discovery Channel to use his photos and all royalty funds will go to benefit the 2011 Reno Air Race victims and their families. Keith Thomassen said “We need more people like you in the world”! There was much applause and thanks

Last on Tim O.’s agenda: We had the best AirFest in history in Grass Valley, there’s been an increase in flight training, there’s been financial success in our endeavors, membership is up, and he believes it’s because this one year we didn’t try and everything has just fallen in line

Katie G. brought up the subject of Officers and Chris Evans (Secretary) was asked to please volunteer for one more year, she’s been a great secretary. Chris E. (I) agreed to one more year. Shera B. motioned to accept the members and Ken Zuckerman seconded the motion

Keith Thomassen brought up in the past GEFA has invited EAA to the Christmas Parties, but not last year. Tim O. put out the question of whether we should include EAA members and it was approved by Keith T. and seconded by Shera B. A formal invitation will be sent out for the Christmas Party 12/15/2011

Pat Rorden said as a Charter Member since 1968 the purpose of GEFA was to promote aviation and to have fun and she acknowledges we have

Ken Zuckerman made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Miles Bostic at 7:40 P.M. There were thirty-four people present this evening

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Evans