October 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Tim O’Brien at 7:05 p.m. at Seaman’s Lodge.

Tim asked if everyone had received his President’s message as there were some issues with sending them out this time

Tim then went on to welcome Gary and Carole Gibson’s friend Jack Fredrick a student pilot, Ray and Althea Anderson (new GEFA members), and Ken and Julie Zuckerman’s daughters Allison, Danielle, and their grandson Nicholas to tonight’s potluck and meeting

August Minutes were approved by Ken Zuckerman and seconded by Gene Fendon.

Karen Smith gave the treasures report and noted that in fact the AirFest is actually up $1,685.69!

Treasurer Report:

GEFA account: $9170.94
AirFest account: $22,185.69

Old Business: No old business at this time.

New Business:

Gary Guilliat Mentioned Dale Fleck sold his 152 Cessna to Carol Andrews. His first flight was December 1939 and his last flight was last week. Tim O. mentioned that he’d like to interview Dale and put it on the website

It was noted that AWOS was up and going 9/9/11 and Ken Zuckerman was the first to use the service

Tim O. went on to bring up the Christmas Party this year and Doug and Maureen Young and Katie Guilliat offered to decorate for the Christmas Party again. Everyone was thrilled with their offers. For November’s GEFA meeting Maureen has offered to bring a turkey and Katie offered to bring a ham for the Christmas Party. Tim O. asked that everyone bring delicious side dishes and desserts for these holiday meetings and party

Being the end of the year is near Tim O. said is time to consider new officers and nominations. Katie Guilliat (Board Chair Person) mentioned that the officer’s stint is actually a year. Tim O.’Brien said he’s willing to be President once again, Gary Guilliat said he is up to another year as Vice President, Karen Smith offered to continue being the Treasurer. It is unknown who would like to be the Scholarship Chairman, but Carol Andrews has been doing a fantastic job. The Secretary, Chris Evans (myself) suggested that a new secretary should be considered one that has a background in aviation. Nominations are welcome. Katie G. requested that volunteers for secretary be emailed to her and we should vote for officers at the next meeting in November

Tim O. said there was no planned agenda for this evening as September’s meeting was cancelled due to the Reno Air Races. However, he put together a very nice slide show of many of his pictures he took from the pylons as well as a few from the unfortunate tragedy on Friday afternoon when the Galloping Ghost flown by Jimmy Leeward crashed. Bobsie Bostic said she was very impressed with Tim’s integrity in his presentation, his articles, and interviews. GEFA appreciates you

Tim noted that 2011 Reno Air Race was the 48th annual event, that the security was great, and that the pylons are the best place in the house. He’s been going to the air races for thirty-nine years and for the past seventeen years he’s been taking photos for The Union. The photo that he took right before the crash has pretty much gone around the world and he’s interviewed with CBS, NBC, NPR Las Vegas as well as others. His hope is that his photos will help in solving the cause for this tragic incident. Tim speculates that the Reno Air Races will be back next year

Allan Krosner lightened up the meeting with sharing the adventures the ‘Manly Man Motorcycle Ride’ that the twenty-three pilots (all but one) went on this year. Juan Brown organized this one, all Passes this year. Lots of fun and beautiful

Doug Young updated GEFA on Aria’s Kansa State adventures. He’s got his instrument rating, passed FAA test, and received financial aid in the amount of $10,500.00. He’s considering being an instructor for Air Force Pilots

Keith Thomassen made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Allan Krosner at 8:00 P.M. There were thirty-seven people present this evening

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Evans