July 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Tim O’Brien at 7:10 p.m.

Guests: Gary Rudolph’s partners in his Aeronca Champ were introduced: Ray Anderson,  Dan Rackley, Jr., Dan Rackley, Sr., plus Dana, Dan, Sr.’s fiancee, and Dana’s granddaughter T aylor. Gus and Ev Young from EAA chapter 1175; Gus reported on the progress on their Storch, a WWII observation plane.

Karen Smith gave the treasurer’s report: GEFA account $9,314.05; Airfest Account: $27,713.47. 

Airfest: Tim said the event was not profitable this year due to some last minute expenses that weren’t covered by sponsors. He gave his thanks to all supporters. Gus Young thanked GEFA for the quick reimbursement EAA received for free breakfast tickets. She said the County Health Department inspected the pancake breakfast setup as well as all food vendors, which was the first time this has been done. Concern was expressed over the use of RW 07 for take-off early in the day; Airboss Gary Guilliat assured everyone that the FAA tower personnel had been briefed on the local use of RW25 only for takeoffs, but pilots had requested the use of 07

Shera Banbury made a motion that we invite key Airfest sponsors and volunteers to our August picnic; Gary G. added that GEFA pay for hamburgers/hotdogs/wine; Tim suggested members bring additional side-dishes/desserts to accommodate guests. Motion was seconded by Keith Thomassen; motion carried

Tim requested that lead people submit names of helpers to him for recognition

Linda Ward recommended that a committee be established for the next event who would be specifically responsible for getting flyers and posters out into the community and beyond

Gary G. commented that in 2000, 3,000 gallons of fuel allotted to Warbirds cost GEFA $3,000; in 2011, 1,000 gallons cost $6,000. He gave certificates to his volunteers in Flight Operations: Nancy Fedon, Doug Johnson, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Braddock, Roger Fetter

Scholarships: Maureen Young reported that grandson Aria Davenport had completed his long Instrument cross-country and had received over ten thousand dollars in grants from his college in Kansas

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Carol Andrews for Chris Evans, Secretary