June , 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Tim O’Brien began the meeting by welcoming back Arnie and Ginger Luters, Rudy and Pauline Rudolph, Shera Banbury, Bruce and Karyl Marlow, and Glen and Linda Ward. Thank you’s were given to Doug and Kathy Hammes for mowing and preparing the picnic grounds for the summer meeting and Airport grounds as well.

May Minutes: Carol Andrews had a correction to the minutes. The minutes should have read that narrowing scholarship recipients to only those residing in Nevada County leaves out other possible recipients that reside in Placer County but attend Nevada County schools ‘Bear River and Forest Lake Christian School’. She would like to have this considered in the future. Since 1996 there has been about $50,000 given out in scholarships.

May Minutes were approved by Karen Smith and seconded by Keith Thomassen as amended.

Treasurer Report:

GEFA account: $9,294.14 AirFest account: $23,659.96

Karen Smith noted that the AWOS donation was approved and the same day a check was written to the County. GEFA made 91 cents on the deal.

The Marlow’s mentioned that they purchased $500.00 worth of bottled water for the AirFest.

Old Business: No old business at this time.

New Business:

Gary and Carol Gibson mentioned that they just returned from a trip to Japan and they said Japan is doing ‘rather well’.

At the Golden West Air Show in Marysville, Doug Johnson and Gary Guilliat received honors! Doug received Reserved Grand Championship for his Luscombe airplane and Gary received a third place trophy for his L-2 in the warbird category. Congratulations and applause from all!

Gerry Davenport said that after Chris Evans emailed an article regarding what Ashley Evans (a GEFA scholarship recipient) is doing these days he decided to create a web page for all the kids. He would also like to create a webpage for GEFA members to add history and updates as well.

Carol Andrews brought up the subject of this year’s scholarship and said that it is very disappointing. The one applicant that was being considered ended up moving. She is concerned because now there isn’t a scholarship recipient this year.

Karyl Marlow suggested that perhaps the scholarship should expand to Sierra College students. As it is now, it is restricted to Junior and Senior high school students.

Tom Engleman wonders why there are restrictions. With this being said, there was a ‘lengthy discussion’ among GEFA members present regarding scholarship recipient qualifications. Many ideas were shared and a couple of times it was suggested that there be a motion tonight to change the scholarship criteria.

Bruce Marlow suggested that funds be awarded to Tim O’Brien as it would be money well spent!

At this point, Tim O. made a motion that he’d like to see an outline for more discussion at the next GEFA meeting and possibly make a resolution at that time. Bruce Marlow seconded the motion.

Reminder: Christy Barden’s Potluck party is coming up Sunday the 19th and ‘Hot Cider’ is playing.

At this point, Tim O. changed the subject to the AirFest just three weeks away! Friday night at Alpine Aviation and Sierra Mountain Aviation is the nostalgic dinner and dance, with 40’s and 50’s music, warbird fly-bys, and two hot air balloons. So far on Saturday there are four Patriots (all sponsored), 25 warbirds, about 25 vendors, the “Monroe Special” the Bonneville record setter that inspired the move “World’s Fastest Indian”, EAA breakfast, kit planes, exotic planes and so much more. The Program is much better than two years ago! Tim said we all have to get out there and sell out the dinner and dance tickets in advance and get the word out to everyone about this rare and special event. Tickets are on sale at the Airport, Grass Valley and Nevada City SPD’s, and the Beam Center. There will also be raffle tickets available for a Waco airplane ride. A major ad campaign is already in progress.

Shera B. shared that a few years ago they introduced their friend’s niece to the leader of the band and they got married!

Dave Swartz mentioned the Young Eagle Event is this weekend 9:00 to 12:00. Breakfast will be available for $5.00.

Rick Utermoehlen made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Karen Smith at 8:05. There were thirty-nine members present.

Respectively submitted,

Chris Evans Secretary