May 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Tim O’Brien once again welcomed a very nice turnout of GEFA Members and Miles and Bobsie Bostic’s guests Jim and Doloroes Hebb and Dean and Sharon Pitts.

April Minutes were approved by Keith Thomassen and seconded by Tom Engleman

Karen Smith gave the treasurers report.


No old business at this time.


Tom Engleman brought up the issue that when he and his wife moved to Nevada County in 2006 they found out during a flight briefing that they could not get current weather conditions in Nevada County.  Approximately three years ago there was pitch for an AWOS connection to the National Weather System in Nevada County.  He added that an anonymous gift of $3,700.00 was given to GEFA.  He further stated on May 12, 2011 the airport commission met with the airport manager and it was approved unanimously to move forward.  Tom is seeking GEFA to approve moving forward at this time. Katie Guilliat motioned to approve and Keith Thomassen seconded.

Karen Smith asked if there will be any additional cost to the people that use this service.  According to Tom the GEFA gift includes an upgrade for a full year at no additional charge and the airport has to purchase the DSL at $50.00 a month.  The PSL will also benefit local users.  After the second year the rate is increased to $60.00 with an actual cost of $120.00 a month.  It was mentioned that Greg Marshall verbally discussed a one cent gas tax.  The new equipment could be up and going by the end of July and Nevada County will be on the National Weather System.  Gary Guilliat thinks this information should get on the airport website “for bragging rights!”

Carol Andrews updated the members on the GEFA Scholarship progress and there is one very likely person to be selected.  Carol also mentioned that due to narrowing scholarship recipients to only Nevada County students leaves out other possible recipients like those in Placer County.  She would like to have this considered in the future.  Since 1996 there has been about $50,000 given out in GEFA Scholarships.

Doug Young shared that Aria Davenport has just finished up his first year at Kansas State University-Salina and finished his 1st simulator instrument training.  He&rsquol;s servicing airplanes and he’s doing computer simulator testing.

Tim O’Brien updated that the 2011 AirFest preparations are going really well. The public is already charged about it! Sponsorship is as follows:

Corporate Sponsorship:

Richard D Landis                $3,000.00   cash
Axsys Stabilized Camera Systems $2,000.00   cash
BEAM Easy-Living CENTER         $1,500.00   cash
Alta Sierra Country Club        $1,500.00   cash
Meyers Investment Group         $1,000.00   cash
B&C True Value                  $1,000.00   cash
The Union Newspaper             $1,500.00   in-kind
KNCO / STAR Radio               $1,000.00   in-kind
Quail Valley Golf Course          $500.00   in-kind
Holt of California                $500.00   in-kind
Grass Valley Blueprint            $500.00   in-kind
Money Management      $2,500.00   Patriots L-39
Unknown                         $2,500.00   Patriots L-39

He added dinner/dance tickets are currently on sal at Beam Center, both SPD’s, and the airport.  Tim has $150.00 sponsorship packets made up for members to get sponsorships and Carol Andrews has offered to distribute flyers to other airports.  Tim also said that the AirFest event is in the Pacific Flyer and posters and flyers are ready to go.  Tom E. mentioned that on the 4th of July two years ago when handouts were distributed to people along the parade route it worked!  Tim also gave credit to Julia Amaral for putting on the first two very nice airshows in 1996 and 1997 and they continue to be a successful event

Katie G. mentioned Christy Barden’s annual open house is coming up.

Tim O. presented our special guest speakers Bobsie Bostic, Jean Beilby, and Sharon Pitts, friends for over fifty years who decided to make a documentary video twenty years ago on the Nevada County Airport.  Bobsie scripted and narrated the video, Jean handled the cue cards, and Sharon handled the camera.  There were so many needs and concerns for the airport and the community they decided to make a presentation that they could take to the Board of Supervisors.

Contained in the documentary was Cal Fire’s wish list was to widen the taxiway and move the center line.  UPS’s wish was for improved ramps and surface improvements.  Businesses like Grass Valley Group’s pilot Joe, Eigen’s owner/pilot (Jim Hebb), Cal Land, had many concerns as well as needs for upgrading the airport, such as FBO, trees topped so pilots could see the beacon, a better landing system, an extended runway, additional hangers, the hump in the runway corrected, safety and security improvements, and much more.  A walk around the airport showed the roof was in nasty shape, drainage and washouts were a hazard, the parking area was treacherous with a plugged culvert (a new culvert was needed), and an open drainage ditch that cars kept backing into.  Then there was berms and silt on the taxiway, 60-70 feet of exposed wire, and holes in the ramp to add to the list.

Bobsie went on to narrate that there were some seventy-five companies that used the airport and with improvements they would bring much more revenue to the county.  She noted that potentially 31 million dollars was at stake with the possibility of the loss of the airport.  These three amazing ladies presented their Documentary to the Board of Supervisors and from then on significant improvements and changes started happening and they just continue to improve.

Tim O. thanked the ladies for a great and very informative Documentary.
Gary Guilliat made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Tom Engleman at approximately 8:15.  The headcount for the evening was thirty-nine.

Respectively submitted,
Chris Evans