APRIL 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Tim O’Brien welcomed a very nice turnout of 45 airplane enthusiasts as well as the EAA president, his wife, and our guest speaker, Tim Decker and his wife.

March Minutes: After a correction in the minutes that had been resolved noting that Tim Decker would be our guest speaker tonight, the minutes were approved by Miles Bostic and seconded by Maureen Young.

Karen Smith gave the treasurers report.


No old business at this time.


Bill Rorden brought up the subject of AWOS that was the subject of an email that was sent out from Gary Guilliat April 14th.  Bill stated that GEFA had not made a contract, no proposal or discussion, and no resolution

Tim O’Brien confirmed Bill’s statement and that no money was donated from GEFA toward the AWOS, nor will any be without said resolution.

Tim O’Brien updated the members present about the progress of the 2011 AirFest.  So far he has $12,000.00 in sponsorships this week;  there will be forties-fifties music for the dinner dance, and so far 25 planes —two patriot jets confirmed and lots of war birds.  He suggested going to the Nevada CountyAirFest 2011 website and checking out the sponsorships, download, and pass it around.  Tim said there’s getting to be a lot of excitement about this two day event and that ticket will be available May 5th at the Beam Center, Airport Office, and SPD.  He also said that there was a nice article already in the Pacific Flyer about the upcoming event.

Upcoming event:  Keith Thomassen noted that there is a flyer picnic Sunday June 26th at Christy Barden’s

Carol Andrews mentioned the Flying Companions event on May 14th.  There is a seminar at Alpine Aviation for those interested — $65.00 for the day including lunch.

Doug Young shared an update in Aria’s — his grandson & GEFA scholarship recipient — activities.

The big event of the evening was when Keith Thomassen introduced his guest speaker Tim Decker, an Ohio State graduate, Embry Riddle graduate, retired Air force pilot 2009, and currently a Pitts aerobatic pilot.  He said we should definitely check him out at the Beale Air Force show at the end of the month.

Tim Decker went on to fascinate the attendees with his presentation of his experiences flying the U-2, F-117, and T-38 for twenty years before retiring in 2009.  He also took up instruction and formation flying in 1990.  He currently flies out of Lincoln in his Pitts S-2B.  Tim gave us a great evening of behind the scenes facts and adventures flying these most advanced jets in the world.  He reminded us to join in the activities at Beale April 30th and May 1st.

Tim O’Brien ended the evening by thanking Tim Decker and giving him a special Red Devils Team poster — He seemed delighted!

Tim O’B informed us that Bobsie Bostic will be our special guest speaker next month.

Bill Rorden motioned to adjourn and Allan Krosner seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

Respectively submitted,
Chris Evans