January 2011

Minutes for January 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

There were 40 GEFA members present, although no guests.

Tim O’Brien — our new president — thanked everyone for another nice attendance.  He also thanked Katie Guilliat, Doug and Maureen Young, and Gary Guilliat (Santa) for a Great Christmas Party!

Tim noted from the November meeting that the continuing and new officers are: Tim O’Brien “a newbie”, Vice President Gary Guilliat, Treasurer Karen Smith, and Secretary Chris Evans “also a newbie”  The minutes were approved by Tom Engleman and seconded by Keith Thomassen.

Karen Smith gave the treasurers report and also noted that she is collecting 20ll membership dues.


Carol Andrews stated that the GEFA scholarship will go out to the high schools the first of February and that the scholarship is $3,000 this year.

Keith Thomassen noted that GEFA was on the verge of being defunct 20ll and that we need a new focus on social activities and future fly outs.

Katie Guilliat said that Gary is working on a new plane project and Gary went on to say he’s working on a Monocoup.  His question was did anyone know what this particular planes main feature is and went on to say that has “one solid wing”.  It’s a two seater (side by side), stick control, and anyone over 60 can’t get in!  There was quite a bit of laughter after the latter remark.  He also said that in the 1930’s this was the most popular plane.

Gary G. stated that there is usually one large Fly Out every year, possibly to Yellowstone two days, Mt. Rushmore two days, and the battle grounds of Custard of the 7th Calvary.  September was approved and it was noted that plans need to be made soon.

Gordon Mills went on to say that Airport business is the lowest year since 2007.  Repair on the runway will possibly take place October 15, not tanker season. Repair estimated time is three weeks, but they’re hoping for a time frame of one week!

Keith Thomassen brought up that guest speaker for February is “Tim Decker” pilot of F1 17, U2, Pitts, and that he has a website.

Allan Krosner said that at his Rotary Meeting Mike Kaul did a presentation and it was fun and interesting.  We should set up programs in advance.  Katie G. then stated that for slide shows we need to plan for January through May at Seaman’s Lodge.

Tim O’B. is planning on talking to Gerry Davenport about updating GEFA’s website to include Airport and GEFA history from 1933 to current.  Tim is planning to get information from Bill Rorden, other historians, and he will work with Juan Brown on this.

After that discussion, Tim asked what does everyone think about doing an Airfest?  There is seed money in the CD which is the best thing that has happened! He questioned dinner dance, air show, any new ideas?  Gary G. motioned for Airfest 2011 and Ken Zuckerman seconded.

Katie Guilliat made a motion that GEFA sponsor the AirFest and that EAA be offered the pancake breakfast concession and profits.

Keith T. pointed out that there has been controversy between GEFA and EAA on the AirFest funds since he joined in 2005.  He suggested that we needed to have a financial agreement up front between the clubs on this AirFest to avoid such arguments.  Keith further stated he thought GEFA should be the sponsor (in the financial sense for which we take out event insurance) and that we could offer EAA the pancake breakfast event, with all proceeds going to EAA.

Carol Jonas asked if there is any EAA money in the CD.  Karen Smith said Airfest money is in a CD that is Airfest money.  She has been treasurer for five years and there is no money from any other organization in this CD.  The CD is a profit from the Airfest and only GEFA has ‘signature authority’ on the CD.

Gary Guilliat had made a motion in 2010 to retain the Airfest profit in a GEFA CD and GEFA to manage the funds, and profits to go back into Airfest & scholarships.  He noted that Tim O’Brien had to go over the top to obtain funds for the past Airfests.

Carole Gibson (?) brought up that about seven years ago there was proposition to build a GEFA and EAA hanger.  Katie G. noted that it became so contentious that GEFA people said they would quit GEFA.  GEFA gave $5,000 to EAA for the hanger fund.  Time line, it has been seven to eight years and still no hanger.  EAA still has the funds, no hanger will be built, EAA can’t ask for GEFA money, and the $5,000 won’t likely be given back to GEFA. She also said that the $5,000 may still be in an EAA fund.

Tim O’B. motioned to clear the air and added that of the $20,000 to $25,000 it takes to fund the Airfest, three quarters comes from outside, a small committee goes outside to do that.  Seed money for the Airfest or it won’t happen at all!  Tim stated he does not want to go and collect sponsorships himself again.  Gary. G. said a $20,000 base is there for this year and he does not think this is an ongoing thing.  Tim O’B. stated that the goals are to bring people to the Nevada County Airport; he does not want a GEFA Airfest, but a Nevada County Airfest.

Once again Carol J. brought up the issue of the funds last year — at that time, Gordon Mills stated ‘Minutes’ are in EAA meetings, EAA and GEFA.  Keith T. said that it is “Important” we — GEFA — are going forward with the Airfest and that we do not need a financial partnership with EAA.  Proposal GEFA is putting on the Airfest it is a GEFA Event.  Motion was seconded.

Tim O’B. will put out an outline of what it takes to put on the Airfest, this is to showcase the airport and the airplanes and he does not want it to be about fighting about the money.  Will he get our support?  GEFA is a non-profit since 1997.  Motioned yes, seconded by Karen S.

It was noted by Gary G. Airfest yes, but a committee has to start very soon.  He said in the next thirty days he and Tim O’B. need to know what? when? and where? Katie G's motion was seconded and passed.

Tim O’B will put a committee together similar to the past and asks committee volunteers to meet with Chris E.

Gordon M. suggests that there are a lot of non-pilots and aviation enthusiast — not necessarily pilots — that we need to get the word out to.  He suggests putting notices in The Union and on the radio about speakers and events.

T O’B — God Bless everyone, let us respect and move forward.  Ken Z made a motion and Karen S. seconded.

Committee Volunteers tonight:
Karen Smith
Gordon and Sandy Mills
Gene Fedon
Ken Zuckerman (water boy)
Julie Zuckerman 50/50 with Chris Evans
Chris Evans, Secretary 1/20/2011