October 2009

Respectfully submitted
Tamara Davenport

The meeting started at 7:11 p.m.

Treasurers report: Karen Smith reported:

Minutes from the August 20, 2009 minutes were approved as written.

Discussion on Special Minutes regarding the EAA, GEFA and the Air Fest monies resulted in the following:

This motion was passed based on the approval of EAA to form the joint effort for the scholarship committee.

Katie Gulliat presented the Christmas Dinner, to be held Monday December 14, 2009 at the Alta Sierra Country Club. $40 per person, expenses above $40 per person will be paid out of the GEFA account was approved. Also thoughts of inviting the EAA and QB.

Voted that NO meeting will be held in December.

Fly out to Williams and the Grand Canyon was presented, 8 planes, 18 people, fun included a Margarita party and a Grand Canyon tour, and a train ride in which was robbed (as part of the tour). Sounds like everyone had fun especially the women who got to shop. Hopefully Gary won’t be too afraid to land there next time, or at least he will be the first and not the last.

AWOS fund was mentioned but proceeding was put off until next meeting.

Officers for next year were unanimously voted on keeping this year’s committee.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm