July 2009

The meeting started at 7:20 p.m.  Doug Young asked for approval of the June minutes — They were approved.

Doug gave a personnel thank you to Tim O'Brien and all the volunteers that made the Airfest 2009 such a success.

The treasurers report was read by Karen Smith with the GEFA account having $3869.  The Airfest account having $43,398.94.  The gate sales totaling $18,014 of that number.  There are still some bills outstanding so our August balance will show what we will have in the airfest account.

Tim O’Brien stated our dinner dance earned $12,500 and dance only earned $325 with an expenditure of $6180 for a profit of $6673.76.  The ticket sales on Friday at the door was $3600.  We ran out of food and refunded some diner money but all in all was a huge success.  Many Many Thanks to Betty for taking on the dinner dance and doing such a great job!

Tim also stood up with Karen on her treasures report and wanted to thank Gerry Davenport and son Aria for helping in the 7:00 am parking of vendors etc., a special thanks to all the volunteers.  Tim was asked what was the Greatest Airfest fund raiser?  He thought and said it was 1997 when we cleared $7,000-$8000 and Julie Amarel was in charge.  I think we might have passed that amount we will know in August.

Tim will be having a wrap up meeting for all the volunteers and will write up a thank you for the Union paper to all who made the Airfest 2009 a great success.  Including all the new sponsors we had that made the airfest a bigger and better show.  A thank you to Gary Guilliat for the quality of people he brings to our airfest it was mentioned that Esworth Ketsil (sp) calls Grass Valley airfest his family.

The EAA pancake breakfast and planes were great.  Karen Smith said our Airfest had a Family Personality.  Tim, we want to thank you and Brian O’Brien for talking us through the show on Saturday.  We expressed our condolences to Tim of the loss of his Sister in-Law but Tim said his brother helped at the airfest stating his brother would always fly out to air shows.

Bruce Marlow did a super job with all his volunteers in the clean up after the airfest.  You didn’t even know a big event had happened at the airport — it was super.  Tim O’Brien wants to put together his potluck to recognize all the volunteers.  He doesn’t want to forget anyone so let him know who they all are . Thank you again Tim and all the many people that made airfest 2009 such a great success.  We had a guest John Pichitino who is a certified flight instructor in training and flight reviews (Email: pich@oro.net) Thanks again for a wonderful Airfest 2009.

Respectfully submitted
Maureen Young