June 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.  Doug Young asked for approval of the May minutes.  They were approved.

The treasurers report was read by Karen Smith with the GEFA account having $3,799.66. The Airfest account having $10,658.78.

Doug turned over the meeting to Tim O’Brien to update the airfest 2009 — His outline of discussion and progress is below.

Tim and the many volunteers were there selling dinner and dance tickets and also tee-shirts.  The crowd broke up to buy their tickets and someone realized we didn't adjourn the meeting someone in the crowd called that we should adjourn there was a second and approved the meeting was adjourned at 7:48.

Respectfully submitted
Maureen Young

Tim O’Brien on Airfest 2009:
Our next and final meeting will be on Monday July 6, 7:00 PM at Marlow's Hangar at the airport.  Also, I am taking the next two weeks off of work to facilitate any remaining details, so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

AirFest Update:

Sponsorship, Finance and Administration:

  • Corporate Sponsorship & Private Donations - $10,950
    In-kind services - (approx) - $2,500
  • Existing AirFest Accnt. - $6,690
  • Vendor Payments to date - $840
  • Total (not counting ticket & t-shirt sales)  $20,980.00

The total also doesn't include direct sponsorship of Patriot L-39 jets to be paid directly to the Patriots team.
Karen Smith will report on up-to-date income and expenses at the meeting.
Tim is assembling and delivering all sponsor "perks" packages to include VIP badges & parking, t-shirts, dinner & admission tickets while updating posters and website: www.ncairfest.com with all info.  This will be completed before July 4th.  Sponsor VIP hospitality will be handled by Brian O'Brien and KNCO staff with tables, food, and shade nicely arranged in front of the Admin Bldg.

Promotion and Advertising:

  • The AirFest website: www.ncairfest.com is completely up to date sans schedule of events.  Please view each page and tell me what's missing.  Send this link to everyone you know!!
  • Posters & Flyers - 2000 printed, please help distribute them!
  • Radio Ads - currently running on KNCO, STAR 94FM, KUBA with PSA's sent to all NorCal radio & TV stations.  KVMR is doing additional promo thanks to Marc Cuniberti and Gordon Mills.
  • Newspaper Ads - running since April in Pacific Flyer and InflightUSA.  PSAs sent everywhere… Ads and editorials running in The Union and Prospector for the next two weeks.  The Union is also donating printing of 2,000 programs to pass out at the gates — Tim is designing this week.
  • AirFest T-shirts - currently available at BEAM CENTER and Airport Office for $15 each.  Additional lady's styles are being ordered in time for AirFest.  Please get yours (and tell others) before the show, so I may order more!
  • July 4 Parade - Ryder flight will kick off the parade where AirFest will be announced.  We entered four vehicles to include Gary's '38 Chevy & Military Jeep, Renee Foster's 1968 GT/CS Mustang and the Marlow's VW Thing!
  • The Downtown Assoc. donated our space and placed us just ahead of Ophir Prison Band!  We've printed over 2,000 mini flyers to pass out along the way!  Please buy a t-shirt and join us!!
  • Misc. Promo - Very special thanks to Bruce Marlow who passed out 200+ flyers and made announcements at the recent Bike Races!  And to Betty Pearson who has been grabbing posters & flyers fast as I can print and hand-selling Dance tickets!  Renee Foster has also printed and distributed and some 500 flyers at Sacramento area car shows!  Folks like you really make this happen!!  I can also produce up to date flyer PDF files for you.  Just e-mail me and request!
  • Photo and Video Coverage - expect another post-event YouTube video plus outstanding photos by Brian O'Brien and others.  Look up!  And look your best!!

Nevada County Administration and Emergency Services Planning:
Greg Marshall has done an outstanding job as liaison between County officials and airport users with regard to the event.  He is also the reason for our biggest sponsor and any military fly-bys we may have.  Thanks Greg!!

  • Emergency Services Plan - Bruce Tracey, Sherm Henley and Greg will meet with Consolidated Fire Dept, N.C. Sheriffs and others on Tuesday 6/30.  Karen Smith is also coordinating NCSD SAR for first aid needs.
  • AirFest Insurance - policy has been delivered to Greg, approved and contract signed by County Officials.  Tim will keep a file of individual vendor insurance policies of participants.

AirFest Vendors:
There are currently 22 and still growing.  They include many food types, memorabilia and toys, displays and non-profit awareness.  Tim is approving based on application and insurance and is sending out passes and maps for efficient placement on the airport.  I will meet with Dave Schwarz to arrange placement & power needs.  Although we are encouraging set-ups on Friday, we will need volunteers on Saturday, 6 - 8 AM, to check gate passes and help guide vendors to their spots.  This is very important and has long been the biggest "bottle neck" in starting the day!

Ground Operations:

  • Gate Admissions -  Citizens Bank Staff, Janet Krening update.  Karen, We will need petty cash & boxes for admissions as well as t-shirt sales.
  • Information Booth - GEFA, EAA, Sutter Buttes 99's Carol Andrews update
  • Announcer's Stand and Sound System - Gordon Beatie, portable lift and umbrella.  Dave Schwarz, Rich Mead and Bruce Marlow, power and sound system update.
  • AirFest Security - Gordon Beatie update.
  • EAA Pancake Breakfast - David Bernisconi update.  I will have a new "pancake breakfast" banner for Dave.
  • EAA Aircraft Display - Rusty Hamer update.
  • Auto Parking - Bruce Tracey update. No vehicles will be allowed onto airport or designated parking areas without appropriate passes!
  • Ground Facilities - Bruce Marlow update.  This includes Waste & disposal, tables, and shade relocation after dance and set up of VIP areas, hanging sponsor banners, booths stancions and so forth.  VERY special thanks to the Marlow Gang who arrived at Marysville after Golden West with truck & trailer to haul everything we need including 27 shades for our event!  Bruce Tracey and a few others too!  You guys are the best!!
  • EAA Classic Auto Display - Evert Young update.  Display vehicle passes must be handed to the drivers before they get to John Bauer Avenue to ease gate confusion during Saturday's "Vendormania."
  • AirFest T-shirt Sales - Gus Young update.
  • Golf Carts - donated by Quail Valley Golf course for water delivery and gate money management.  I will reserve one for Dick Landis, our biggest sponsor as well.  Arrange with Bruce Marlow if you need a cart.
  • Special Signage -  tell me or Bruce ASAP what you may need.

Air Operations:

  • Warbirds - Gary Guilliat update
  • New Aircraft - Gordon Mills update (Cessna signed on as a $500 sponsor just today!)
  • R/C Model Airplane Demo - Rob Watkins update
  • Pilot Hospitality Lodging and Transportation - Gary Gulliat update.
  • Pilot Registration - Gary Gulliat update.
  • AirFest Schedule of Events - Gary Gulliat update. (may now have three Patriot L-39s in addition...!)
  • Hand held Radios - Bruce Marlow update. (need to have communication with Ryder Flight to coordinate fly-by during National Anthem.)
  • CALFIRE/ USFS Air Tanker Demonstration - Ken Hughs update.

Friday Night Dinner/Dance:
Very special thanks to Gerry & Rochelle, Gordon & Sandy, and Chairwoman Betty Pearson for making this happen!  The use of the hangars and anticipated quality of the dinner from ABC Grill and Dance with Sister Swing will make for a banner event at about half the cost of 2007!  Now all we have to do is SELL IT.  As of now (6/28), the comps outweigh ticket sales and I'm getting concerned.  It's time for all of us to tell our friends what they would be missing if they don't attend but not based on our need for $$, rather from the inner glow and enthusiasm in our hearts!  Let's really do it this time!  Really.

  • Hangars Preparation -   Gerry Rose  Gordon Mills update
  • Tables, Chairs and Shades - Betty Pearson update
  • Beer and Wine Sales - Brian O'Brien update
  • Lighting and Power -  Gordon Beatie  update
  • Gate security Chair - Gordon Beatie
  • Aircraft Management - Gary Guilliat
  • Auto Parking and Courtesy Bus Transportation -  Bruce Tracey update
  • On-site admission/ ticket sales - Ken & Julie Zuckerman update
  • Pre-event ticket design and sales -  Tim O’Brien, all $35 tickets have been dispersed to both SPD Markets, BEAM CENTER, Airport Office and Alpine Aviation.  I will begin keeping tabs on quantities and delivery of moneys to Karen.  We'll need to have a cut-off day to give an accurate count for dinner, so encourage all you can to buy dinner tickets.  Special comp tickets are also going to sponsors and invited warbird pilots.  There are some "dance only" tickets printed, but folks can just pay $15 at the gate

I know I have left much out that we will cover at the meeting.  Please feel free to contact me me and keep me posted.  Many final errands to run, but I will be available.

AirFest is indeed a Golden opportunity for local aviation, the airport, our clubs and the future of awarding scholarships.  Two weeks to go - Let's all make it the very best!

Thank you and with all respect, Tim