March 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm, as many were enjoying Betty Pearson’s spectacular baklava desert. Many kudos! In the absence of 3 of the 4 officers, it remained for Karen Smith to preside. The minutes of the Feb 19 meeting were approved. Treasurer Karen Smith reported account balances as follows: GEFA $3852.19 and Airfest $6699.78.

As we are not funding a scholarship next year, and with the resignation of Karyl Marlow as the Chair of the scholarship committee, there was no report. Karen reported receiving a letter from an aspiring Junior, who pleaded with us to reconsider. We need a volunteer to take this on for next year.

For Old Business, Tim O’Brien reported that the organization of Airfest 2009 is well along, and he hopes to wrap up the planning in a month and have all choices made. The remaining 3 months between now and then will be devoted to the execution of details. An evening dance with Sister Swing on July 10, kicks off the main event on July 11. A less expensive caterer, and less expensive tents should help reduce costs this year.

Gary Guilliat has to date lined up 5 AT-6’s, 5 T-28’s, 3 P51-D’s and Grumman TBM Avenger, and 2 CJ-6’s for the warbird show. Bruce Marlow will again be responsible for Ground Ramp Operations, and Glen and Linda Ward are among the “usual cast of characters” who will again make major contributions to the event. The EAA is in charge of the pancake breakfast, and the County Sheriff’s will do the cooking. Folks from the Citizens Bank will man the gates to collect the $10 admission fee (children 6 and under are free).

Under New Business Karen noted that she continues to receive the Cal Pilots magazine, which has a lot of interesting articles on California airports. She asked if anyone wanted to be the new recipient of this magazine. There followed a lot of “new” jokes to everyone’s delight.

On that note the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm

Respectfully submitted
Keith Thomassen
In the absence of Secretary Maureen Young