February 19, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:13 the minutes were approved—a spelling error on Jessica Kraemer name was corrected.

The treasurers report was given by Karen Smith as followed GEFA account $3720.17 and the Air Fest Account $6699.78.

Doug received a letter from Karyl Marlow it is attached for all to read. She is resigning as the scholarship chairman. It is a good time for her to step down since this year we voted to not issue a flying scholarship. Thank you for all your work and years of help in getting students, from our local high schools, to be interviewed for our GEFA flying scholarship.

Tim O’Brien introduced Rick Utermoehlen who he meet at the airport and invited him to his first GEFA potluck meeting. Tim told us that the Air Fest sight would be up and running and that he would be working on raising sponsorship for the AirFest. He has committees that need to be filled. He is also getting people that want to be part of our AirFest with there planes—This takes a lot of work but with all of your help Air Fest 2009 will happen. We also brought the gate fee amount charge up, a committee can decide and bring it to the GEFA meeting for a vote.

Tim thought “America We Love” would be a possible name for this years Air Fest are there any other thoughts?????

The largest amount of money is spent on advertisment that promotes that the money raised goes to GEFA scholarships. The other amount is fuel for the various planes that fly in and display theie planes The AirFest is usually the 1st Saturday after the fourth of July which would be July 11th.

Thank you to Keith for our new name badges. You can pick them up at the meetings with a low price of $1.00. We also passed in Jan. that if you attend our meetings without a name tag you would be fined $1.00 a small fund raiser for GEFA.

Doug brought up that if it weren’t for the scholarship his grandson Aria would not have had the chance to learn to fly. He is ready to take his test and get his private pilot license. He is the only one in ROTC a solo under his belt.

Doug brought up if any one is interested in Sport planes. Some were and said they would like some more input.

New Business

It was brought up that they would like a wireless setup at the airport terminal. Karen Smith donated her Link Box and Ken Zuckerman volunteered to install it.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:44 by President Doug Young

Minutes by Maureen Young 3/16/09

Here is Karyl Marlow’s letter:

GEFA Board and Scholarship Committee,
I want you to know how much I have enjoyed being the Golden Empire Flying Association Scholarship Chairperson these past years. I took over this position from Bill Sommers in 2004 when the scholarship was given in memory of my father-in-law, Dick Marlow. A lot has transpired since that time and my life continues to evolve.

Since my life is evolving I think it is time to give up this position and pass it on to another GEFA member. It seems to be a good time to do this as we are not giving a scholarship this year. I am also busy pursuing other interests by going to college and working on a family business.

I have facilitated many scholarships, tracked each student's progress and have substantially contributed to the GEFA Scholarship program. I have extensive organized records on each scholarship, including applicants, recipients, contacts that I have developed, etc. I would like to pass this information along to GEFA at a convenient time.

I have tied up remaining loose ends. Barbara Ross at Nevada Union and interested scholarship applicants have been notified that we are not awarding a scholarship this year. The remaining scholarship funds have been paid out to Alpine Aviation for Jessica Kraemer, 2008 scholarship recipient and directly to Joseph Paddock the special private donation scholarship. This completes our scholarship commitments to date. The total amount for these payments are $1,665, not the $2,500 I had estimated. Perhaps GEFA could award Jessica an additional scholarship as we have other scholarship recipients in the pass.

I would like to thank the GEFA Scholarship Selection Committee participants from 2004 to 2008, Bear Smith, Alan Krosner, Carol Andrews, Bruce McGrew and Perry Thomas. They have contributed a great deal to selecting our recipients.

Respectfully yours,
Karyl Marlow