January 15, 2009

President Doug Young called the meeting to order at 7:10 and the minutes from the November 20, 2008 meeting were approved.

Treasure Karen Smith reported account balances as follows: GEFA $5241.17  and Air fest $6699.78.

There were no guests in Jan.

Scholarship update by Karyl Marlow: Jessica Creamer has been flying some. It was brought up that there is a possibility of no revenue this year and the funds in the scholarship account have been earmarked for Jessica and Joseph. The air fest lost money last year due to fuel prices and we don’t know what will happen this year so a vote was taken and approved not to fund a new scholarship this year.

Old Business

Air fest Tim O’Brian was not present so will hopefully hear in February what is happening.

A Birthday song was sung by all in attendance to Bobsie Bostic on being 80 years young.

Kathy Hammes, Rusty Hamer, Miles Bostic, and Jim Hebb are our clean up and maintenance crew at the GEFA picnic area at the airport. Thank you all for such great work.

New Business

Karen Smith came up with a way to generate some revenue and help getting to know everyone by name.

Everyone will wear a name tag to the meetings and if you don’t have one you will be assesed $1.00. Karen made the motion and Rusty seconded it. The discussion that followed was that Keith Thomassen has a power point design that can be used for badges. Contact Keith at Thomassen@theunion.net. The motion carried by a voice vote.

It was also brought up that dues are due for 2009. $10.00 a person or $20.00 a family, so make your check out to GEFA and send it to PO Box 375, Grass Valley, CA 95945 or catch Karen at the February meeting.

There will be two fly-outs in the future, one to the Grand Canyon in Sept. The south rim. The second trip is in June to the Hood River depending on fuel prices.

A motion to adjourn was approved at 7:36

Minutes typed Jan.31, 2009 by
Maureen Young


Since the last meeting, Keith Thomassen has offered to produce our new name badges. He also is providing a new holder for the same. There will be a charge to cover expenses and help the GEFA treasury. Details at the February 19th meeting. See you there.