November 20, 2008

President Allan Krosner called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and the minutes of the October 16 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Karen Smith reported account balances as follows: GEFA $5211.87 and Airfest $6699.78.

Jessica Kraemer, our current Scholarship recipient, thanked us again and reported she has about 12-14 hours now. She said her activity is also her “senior project.”

Aria Davenport completed a solo cross country from Auburn to Chico and back.

Another guest was Danielle Zuckerman and soon to be born son Nicholas.

Katie Guilliat announced that the old style “wings” badges would have to be ordered in large numbers, and since there are no plans to do that, members are encouraged to make their own personalized badges (GEFA logo is available to copy) and put into plastic badge holders. Katie also reminded us of the December 17 Christmas party and the need to buy tickets by December 11.

Nominations for Board Members and specific Officers were closed and those already nominated (and reported last month) were elected. The new officers are Doug and Maureen Young (President and Secretary), Gary Guilliat (Vice President) and Karen Smith (Treasurer); All are Members of the Board. Gerry Davenport will continue as a Member of the Board and as our Webmaster.

Tim O’Brien led a discussion of the possibility of doing AirFest 2009. Evan Wolfe, who led the very successful Auburn event this summer joined in with comments on their experiences. Tim is concerned about raising sponsor money in the current economy and the group discussed options for spending less, such as a less costly dinner dance. Karen Smith wanted us to put a focus on generating scholarship money, and on enticing new members. Evan reported that they raised their entrance fee to $10 and had no complaints whatsoever. It was suggested that we try to get some county support for the event (as Placer County did for Auburn). Karen moved that we put together a committee to explore the ways and means for putting on AirFest 2009. It was seconded and passed.

Allan noted the passing of Don Ellis, and said that services would be held at 2pm on Nov 21 at the Methodist Church in Grass Valley. Gary Guilliat said the RV formation group would do a flyover and missing man formation at 4pm on Nov 23 at the airport.

Gerry Davenport agreed to make a website section for memorials like the one he put out for Don this week. He noted that he read with great interest the material submitted for Don, and Maureen Young mentioned it was a shame that some of us only learned of his achievements after he passed away.

Keith Thomassen asked him if he would be willing to post a picture and brief statement for each member so we can get to know our fellow members better in this way. Please send a JPEG file of your picture to Gerry, with a short statement (50 words or less) of what you’d like others to know about you.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Respectfully (and for the last time) submitted by
Keith Thomassen