September 18, 2008

President Allan Krosner called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm after an enjoyable gathering of members and our last BBQ at the park for 2008.

The August minutes were accepted as written Treasurer Karen Smith gave the treasury report as follows: GEFA Account Balance: $5453.87 Airfest Account Balance: $6699.78

Nancy Machado introduced her sister, Sharon Gibson, as a guest for the evening. (The resemblance was uncanny!)

Katie Guilliat talked of the potential for a fly out to McMinnville, Oregon for the weekend of September 26-28th with a visit to the museum that houses the Spruce Goose. This will be a last minute decision dependent on the weather.

Katie also asked the club if they would like a Christmas Party held at the Alta Sierra Country Club in December as has been held in the past. This idea was approved with the cost of the dinner ticket to be $40. It was also unanimously accepted that any additional expenses incurred, if any, would be paid with club funds. Katie will contact Alta Sierra CC to organize this event and will report on the date at the next scheduled meeting. Gayle Amato volunteered to assist.

Karen Smith asked if any club members would like to tour the DC-10 Tanker Base atMcClellen. This could be a fly out or drive out whichever suites you. Karen will get back with details.
It was additionally suggested by a member that a tour of the museum could be incorporated in this visit. For more information on the museum visit:

Jim Booth spoke about the fun that was had at Reno this year and how everyone that attended the "Margarita Bash" that was hosted by Jim and Mary Booth andBar-tendedby Glen Ward was a real success. Tim O'Brien talked about the great pictures he took and will hopefully give us a showing next month.

Evan Wolfe told us about Dego Red being based at Auburn in the near future. He also said that there were two P-51's that were on there way to Auburn as well. He will most likely be flying these P-51's in the future so he was very excited about their arrival.

Aria Davenport gave an update on his flying as well as his joining the ROTC. He travels down to Sacramento two days a week to attend classes. He is the only "pilot" in the group. Go Aria!

Allan Krosner asked for volunteers to run for the position of President and Secretary. No one responded. (But after the meeting was adjourned, Doug Young volunteered to run for President and Maureen Young volunteered to run for Secretary.) Gary Guilliat will run for VP and Karen Smith will run for Treasurer again for 2009.

This is the last month that the GEFA meeting will be held at the Airport Park. The next meeting will be held at Seaman's Lodge at Pioneer Park on October 16th, 2008. Social starts at 6:00 and dinner starts at 6:45 with the general meeting to follow.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Katie Guilliat
in the absence of Secretary Keith Thomassen