August 21, 2008

Vice President Gary Guilliat called the meeting to order at 7:25 pm and the minutes of the July 17 meeting were approved. Treasurer Karen Smith reported account balances as follows: GEFA $5453.87 and Airfest $6699.78.

Gary introduced our scholarship winner, Jessica Kraemer, who personally thanked us for our support. She has 10-12 hours with Adam at Alpine Aviation, and is enjoying it immensely.

Tim O’Brien reported that the Auburn airshow was fantastic. In perfect weather and a good crowd, he and Sandy Sanders did the announcements. They had a Friday dinner/social and there was a display of antique cars.

Katie Guilliat reported that you could get badges at the Trophy Shop on Maltman. Download the GEFA logo from the website (or any other logo you want) and bring it to the shop.

There were 8 airplanes and 16 folks that went to Jackson Hole and Glacier from August 12 to 17. (SEE THE PHOTOS) (SEE THE SLIDESHOW MOVIE)Betty Pearson gave a report on the trip. The group was treated on arrival in Jackson Hole to a margarita social hour in the park, courtesy of the Thomassen’s who arrived two days earlier, then rib’s at Bubba’s.

The next day began with breakfast at Jackson Lake Lodge with its spectacular view of Mt. Moran, and a wonderful day driving through Teton National Park and a walk to Leigh Lake (saw lots of Elk). Dinner at the Bar J Ranch for their meal and musical show capped the day.

The group departed on the 14th for Cut Bank, where they were greeted by an impending full weekend airport fly-in and car show, so parking became a challenge. A casual afternoon around the Many Glacier Hotel was followed by another “margarita hour” and then dinner in the Hotel. A hike followed a lovely boat ride on two lakes for some folks on the second day. All had dinner at the Cattle Baron in Babb. The next day was spent driving to Waterton, Canada and stopping at the Prince of Wales Hotel before returning to Cut Bank for another margarita hour. Dinner at the Shenandoah completed the day. The group flew home on the 17th, Rudy and Keith going non-stop and the rest going to Pasco, WA for lunch before heading home. Great trip!

Gary Guilliat suggested a fly-in next moth to McMinneville to see the Spruce Goose, and to the museum at Tillamock. He suggested the last week in September. Contact him if interested, and for details.

Bruce McGrew reported on OSH. He said it was well attended (540,000 according to the EAA)—more than 2006 but less than 2007. He said his video business area is doing well, although some thought other business areas are down.

Jim Booth invited all to stop by the eve of Wed Sept 10 at the Reno Air races, for a social hour at the trailer. The Frisbee’s said they were going to Gold Beach the 27th and invited people to join them.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Keith Thomassen