What it Means to Be a Pilot

As a pilot, you’ll join the ranks of those less bound by conventional limits on time, distance and personal freedom.

Flying is – a freedom well-regulated for safety and security but abundant in options and benefits.

clouds You take-off to wide-open skies in any direction on the compass. While there are some restricted areas for military or security purposes, and air traffic areas requiring a call to air traffic control, non-scheduled General Aviation can take you where you want to go. It’s truly "random-access" transportation.

But more than that, it’s freedom as you’ve never known it, far from the commonplace: the crowded highways, busy terminals, mass public transportation, or even the line at the movies – you can rise above it as a pilot. crowded highway

Pilot You can choose your route, your destination … your adventure – for the day, the weekend, even the hour. You are your own pilot. Here, you really are the captain of your own soul.

Along with the freedom, pilots love the challenge and accomplishment that comes with every flight. They also accept the personal responsibility to fly professionally and safely. You may notice a difference in yourself. More confidence. More self-esteem. A wider perspective on your world, and on life itself.

Pilots believe they enjoy wider personal horizons and a fuller life.

Finally, being a pilot symbolizes individualism and self-reliance. You are in control and you make the choices. There’s nothing like it.

What does a License Get You?

Be prepared for new destinations, new experiences, a wider world and a fuller life.

Like most, you’ll probably start by giving family and friends a first flight with you. Imagine the thrill and pride of being their pilot!

You’ll move on to short trips with family and friends. There's always the proverbial "$100 hamburger" trip to interesting nearby airports -- and their restaurants!

The custom of sharing flight expenses with others can cut your cost of flying in half or more! (Your flying could cost you just a $1,000 or $2,000 a year… probably what you spend now on skiing, golf, or other pursuits.) student

Flying offers busy people "a whole golf course-worth" of relaxation in just a short one or two-hour flight "away from it all." Leave your problems, and your stress, on the ground.

That special place will soon be just an easy weekend trip. You’ll choose good weather for the trip, of course, but by now you’re probably thinking of continued training towards an instrument rating to fly in a wider range of weather conditions.

Then, there’s always "The Big Trip." Many pilots look forward to a once-a-year adventure to Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean… or an escape to a cool northern resort.As your own pilot, you won’t battle the crowds… unless you want to, when...


You join thousands of your fellow aviators at weekend fly-ins and aviation events, including the "Woodstock" of aviation, the week-long EAA Airventure Fly-In in summertime Wisconsin, or the AOPA EXPO convention on alternating coasts each autumn. There are myriad local events coast-to-coast every weekend. There’s always something to do.

Or perhaps, take that "trip of a lifetime." Across the USA, across Canada, up to Alaska, even (for a few) South America or Europe. Your pilot license is the ticket to wider horizons and a fuller life.

You can put your pilot license to work. With Korean- and Viet Nam-era aviators now leaving airline flying, the traditional 60/40 military/civilian mix of pilots is reversed. Today, 60% of new airline hires are civilian-trained.

Pilot And non-scheduled General Aviation offers myriad jobs from flight instructor and air taxi/charter pilot to corporate flight operations and exciting industrial, government, law-enforcement and emergency services flying.

You can even fly part-time or as a second job, especially as an in-demand flight instructor.

It's all waiting for you in the exciting world of being a pilot.

Get New Perspectives on your World

Being a pilot reveals whole new worlds not open or apparent to others. For instance...

Pilots get to know how the weather really works – far more than those who live their life on the ground, less in touch with nature’s doings above them.

Amaze your friends with your new knowledge. Get weather insights valuable for your earth-bound activities. Discover so many new perspectives… because you’re a pilot.

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